The care, possession and control of a thing or a person, is known as custody. The term child custody relates to the guidance and sustenance of teenagers. It is important to know that child support laws are different in different states and the rulings are determined by different factors, such as the general fitness of the parents. 

Usually, the parent who assumes the physical or residential custody of a child is also entitled to collect child support payments. Keep in mind that in some states custody may defer towards the father while in some states it may defer towards the mother. A judge may believe that the mother is the much better choice when it comes down to caring for a minor. Mostly, child support depends on your income and factors like health care, food and clothing. If both parties have the same amount of income and they live in the same court jurisdiction then the payments should be comparatively same. But if you are represented by a good attorney then it can make all the difference in the world because it is never a good idea to represent yourself against a good prosecutor as it may result in you having to pay more than your former spouse.

Filing a suite is an action that should be used only as a last resort because you do not want a judge to decide the amount of child support payment. In reality, courts in many jurisdictions prefer people to work out these types of arguments on their own. However, the document needs to sealed and signed by a judge.