If we are talking about the death penalty, leading country when it comes to that is still China, and it doesn't look like it will be withdrawn.

According to Amnesty International, last year in China, the death penalty has carried out over several thousand people. This is more than in all other countries of the world together.
They do not punish only people who commit murders, but also the ones who are involved in corruption or anything similar to that.
They are not doing that because it is so necessary, but because they believe it will scare people and stop them from doing any kind of crime.

The execution by firing squad was performed in public for years. However, this practice is banned in the late eighties, because it would harm the reputation of China. Today, the death penalty is carried out in separate rooms, while the bullets had been replaced by lethal injection.
Death penalty is a taboo in China and they do not speak about the number of executed in public.

Chinese organizations for the protection of human rights are saying that the number of executions in recent years halved in 5000.
It is still impossible is to abolish it completely. People do discuss about that, and are trying to reconsider that option, but even if they do decide to do that, it will take time for it.

Laws must represent the values of a society, the will and wishes of the majority. Therefore, the death penalty should be reduced step by step. It would be difficult to stop it overnight - said Liu Renwen, expert in Chinese law.