In US national school distribute food to kids, kids are not allowed to take lunch from home. The responsibility of distribution of food is given to one authority Maine. Maine is department of education for the distribution of donated food of USDA.
The purpose of this program is to provide equal nutritional quality food to all students. Secondly to help American farmers, to maintain the agriculture cultivation, by distributing surplus food.
   Roots of this program formed in 1930’s and came up as national school lunch act under civil rights.
Similarly, there are other programs running:
NSPL : National school lunch program participant schools are eligible to receives aids in monetary or commodity both ways ,under section  6,32.
CII : Charitable institution programs, these institution can serve food to aged , needy person or children’s free of cost , for this they need to verify their tax exemptions under IRC section  501(c ) (3 ).
SFSP :  Summer food service program , this program is administered by department of education it ensures that school kids in summer vacation also get healthy neutrinos food. Institutes or participants who participate in this program gets aid form govt. under section 32 & 416 commodity type.
There are summer camp &   Child & adult care food program runs by department of human services
NPE : Nutrition program for elderly people, Federal title III & IV of older American act of 1965 , is designed to help lonely elderly people over the age of 60 & their spouses.  
EFAP : Emergency food assistance program, it delivered food to those people who are needy under title II. Several community action programs located different state for taking care of such people.