The people of Massachusetts, particularly West Massachusetts, have something to be very happy about these days. A new program has just been launched called ‘Dial-A-Lawyer.’ There is a specific number people can call, and they will be able to speak with a lawyer from the hours of 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. on business days. 

This number can be found online, in the courthouse, and everywhere around Western Massachusetts. The people in this state are extremely happy with this service. The main reason why is because most people do not have proper finances to hire a lawyer. Most people in this state have families and put every dollar they get toward their family. People are also happy because lawyers in this state are quite expensive, especially for criminal law and family law. 

This service has been put together by the bar association of the state. The bar association promises that all of the lawyers who work for this program will all have a degree in law and know the law to the fullest extent. These phone calls will be one-one-on-one and will not be recorded at all. This means people can call and ask any questions they want, and they can stay anonymous, too. 

Some lawyers in the area do not like this idea because they feel it takes money out of their pockets. However, the bar association has heard the cry of the people, especially those who cannot read and write. Everyone needs free legal advice at one time or another. This service is for all people.