Apparently the apple does fall from the tree as we can see from the last feat of Hollywood superstar Jackie Chan’s son, Jaycee Chan. Jaycee was jailed in Beijing for providing a meeting spot for drug users after being detained by the police on August 14th 2014.

When in court Jaycee Chan, now age 32, accepted the charge and was fined 2000 yuan - $322 – and sentenced to serve six months of jail time. The police was prompt about this by putting the news out on their Weibo account – a kind of mixture between Twitter and Facebook for China.

Jaycee Chan also tested positive for marijuana – 3.5 ounces were seized from his house - and shortly stated that he deserves his punishment since he broke the law. He also promised that upon returning to society we would not be doing it again.

The sentence and fine don’t seem like much seeing how Jaycee Chan has done this 4 times before now since 2012. However Judge Lin Meimei – one of the judges in this case - was indulgent in her ruling because the culprit had turned himself in without resisting.

His sentence time is soon to end – February 13 2015 – however many people are still wondering if he will keep it up, in which case the sentences will only become larger. From a PR point of view this was especially hard on Jackie Chan, Jaycee’s father, who is an anti-drug ambassador since 2009. Jackie stated that he did not interfere in any way with the output of the case.