Mediation is when two persons or group of persons try to convey their opinion or intention of striking a compromise. This term is frequently used in law, commerce and diplomacy but in legal matters mediation is like settlement of both parties without the involvement of a third person. In many cases it is preferred to settle the matter through mediation as it is considered less forceful and draws less negative attention socially. It also saves time and money that would be spent on the fees of lawyers and courts bills etc.Therefore it is beneficial for both of the parties involved.

Most of the large companies in the United States prefer mediation for the purpose of solving their cases.85% uses this method to settle all the legal issues with other organizations or individuals. Mediation is also used in peace brokering and international diplomacy as different mediators set a meeting and try to find a suitable way to mediate on behalf of their nation in a way which would be acceptable by the other nations. Diplomatic mediation is mostly used to settle aggressive issues between the involved parties. While commercial mediation involves third-party mediators which settle all the conflicts. It is wide range and can be used by individuals as well as companies and states with both parties trying to maximize their individual benefits by reaching a compromise.

Mediation is nothing new and has been being in practice from a very old-time right from the time of imperial China and classical Greece.