Any act that might lead to a severe injury or an act that is known to lead to a severe physical injury to anyone is called aggravated assault. You might find yourself being charged of having committed an aggravate assault if you are caught trying to cause a severe body injury to someone. In case you are caught with a deadly weapon during an assault, this might also lead to your conviction for an aggravated assault.

The charge extends to anyone who didn't cause the injury on purpose, but the injury was caused because of negligence in the use of a deadly weapon or any other form of negligence that might lead to severe damage.

The law of some states stipulates a conviction even if an attempt to cause bodily damage was unsuccessful. The very intention to cause severe body damage can be charged under aggravated assault. This way, if someone tried to kidnap anyone with the intention of raping her, he could still be charged with aggravated assault even if he wasn't successful in his nefarious designs of rape.

Federal laws in some states stipulate  a punishment even if someone is put under the fear  of a severe physical injury. This applies even if there has not been any sort of physical contact with the person.

Values of human life and freedom from physical injury in any form are the main points of concern here. This way, if someone displays indifference to anyone's right to live or is guilty of doing something that puts another life in danger, he or she can be charged for aggravated assault.