Tabare Vazquez, the president of Uruguay announced that the United States should provide financial help for six ex-Guantánamo detainees. Last year, they were resettled in this country. In addition, Vazquez said that he will say this personally to US president Barack Obama at the Summit of the Americas in Panama. Although, Uruguay gave the asylum to those ex-prisoners, US should provide all means possible, so those people can have a normal life in this country.

Barack Obama is worried about how those 6 ex-prisoners will adapt to life in a new country. Vazquez shares the same concern. He announced that it must be hard for them, to start a new life in a country with a different culture and people. On the other side, placing of Guantanamo prisoners, in Uruguay had an impact on society as well.

Six prisoners (4 Syrians, 1 Palestinian and 1 Tunisian) were resettled in the Montevideo, the capitol of Uruguay, since they were released from prison in December. A few months after their release, those men say that they need more help, in order to have a better life in their new country. Uruguayans are saying that ex-prisoners don’t want to work, and they didn’t accept jobs that were offered to them in February. Currently, they live in a house that was provided to them by the government. They also get a $600 (15.000 pesos) every month. That money should provide them cloths, personal items and food.

The men were invited to Uruguay by former president Jose Mujica. This should be a humanitarian gesture. They were in prison for 12 months, because it was suspected they are al-Qaida militants.