If you have ever been involved in an assault case and were arrested then you probably know how important it is to get a good and experienced criminal defense attorney. An assault is not just a crime, it is also a tort because it is defined as the threat of bodily harm by someone being able to cause that harm like someone pointing a gun at someone else and threatening him. Not only can you be prosecuted criminally but you can also be sued for civil damages because of it. 

An assault can be charge differently by the prosecutor according to the situation. It can be an attempt of a murder case or any other criminal activities such as burglary. It also depends on the weapons used and the amount of damage it can do. Guns and knives are generally included in the category of attempting to kill. The felony charge against assault can be from ten to twenty years but in minor cases it includes fines or a year in jail.

You need an experienced attorney to understand all the charges filed against you. He will collect data and facts accordingly to the situation and give you a brief explanation of the laws and your rights. Assault is a general intent crime and it can vary from state to state. If assault was all a misunderstanding then it is the job of the attorney to prove the intent of the person. Therefore it is advised to seek help from an experienced assault attorney as he can be the difference maker in the end.