The Xbox 360 related legal trouble that has been facing Microsoft doesn’t seem to be disappearing any time soon.

On the 9th this month, The Toronto Sun reported that the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeal in Seattle ruled that a lower court judge hard interpreted the law incorrectly in finding that owners of the console in the U.S. have the ability to sue for damages as a group.

That said, the law suit has been given the green light to move forward and now Microsoft will now face class action claims related to lawsuits which are covering million owners of the Xbox 360. The class action suit which Microsoft is facing states that Microsoft’s Xbox 360 naturally has a design defect which leads to game disc to become gouged.

Microsoft has also faced a number of unequivocal accusations with regards to its Xbox 360 from plaintiffs.

Posted by Emma Short 5/6/15
“[The optical drive is] unable to withstand even the smallest of vibrations, and that during normal game playing conditions discs spin out of control and crash into internal console components, resulting in scratched discs that are rendered permanently unplayable.”
On its defense Microsoft has stated that the vast majority of the 84 million Xbox 360 units which were sold worldwide have no problems which are related to disc being damaged. That said Microsoft has released a statement which states that only 0.4% of Xbox 360 units had issues which are related to disc scratching. In their statement Microsoft went on further to state that the main cause of the damage is misuse by the consumer.
“We’ve won in the lower court previously and believe the facts are on our side.”