Timothy Theodore Duncan, born on April 25, 1976 to William Duncan and Lone and has two older sisters. He was raised in Christiansted and was very much interested in swimming and reach Olympics just like his older sister Tricia, who is an Olympic level swimmer. He was good in his academics and excelled in swimming. But fate dealt him a blow when hurricane Hugo destroyed the only Olympic-sized pool. He lost the enthusiasm for swimming because of his great fear of sharks. He lost his mother to breast cancer before his 14th birthday and it was his mother’s last wish that her children should finish their college studies with a degree. His bro-in-law inspired him to play basketball and eventually he made basketball his career.
He is an American professional basketball player and has played for San Antonio Spurs of the National Basketball association in his entire career. Initially he faced problems, because he played this game as a way to vent his pain and frustration. Dave Odom, he coach of Wake Forest University was a bit wary of Tim but gradually he recognized the huge potential lying dormant in him. His style of playing was very simple but effective. While playing for his university, he worked hard in his chosen subject of psychology and also studied Chinese literature and anthropology and didn’t leave school when he was offered a place in Los Angeles Lakers which also promised a good amount of money, after all he can’t leave his mother’s last wish unfulfilled.