When we think about the laws and the rules sometimes it may seem like we can’t do one single thing wrong without being punished.
It is completely normal for every country to have their law, because it is one of the ways we can stop people from doing anything wrong (or at least we think so).
But if you think carefully, it seems like we have maybe too many federal laws. Some of them are so irrelevant that we get to conclusion that on a daily basis we break at least two or three of them, and what is even weirder – we don’t even know it.

You have people who complain about tax code and we don’t have anything against it, but on the other hand our criminal code is also not perfect, not even close to it.
If we want to be more precise, there are at least five thousand federal criminal laws with so many different regulations that can actually be enforced criminally. And when it comes to precise number, it is about ten thousand to three hundred thousand regulations.

The problem is that many of these cases don’t even lead to conviction, which seems pretty unserious, and what is even worse is that there are around one hundred million Americans who have at least one offense on their record.

That’s why federal laws should be better organized, because if any country wants to be taken seriously, then they must reconsider every decision considering federal laws or any other.