More and more of our activities happen via internet so it is only natural to be concerned about the security of the pathway. More to the point we no longer have money in our pockets but somewhere in the cyberspace so it’s only normal that we are concerned with the security of the money we’re working for. After the events involving Target, Sony and Home Depot last year it is only normal to be a little scared about how vendors handle our personal data.

Obama will call for a federal legislation probably called Personal Data Notification and Protection Act which will impose a standard term in which companies have to inform their customers that thy have been hacked. The legislation will be nationwide and the maximum term will be 30 days. At this point in time this is regulated by state laws which are different from state to state and therefore can be subject to interpretation.

President Obama will also propose what will be called Student Privacy Act. This as you can imagine concerns schools and the fact that high technology is replacing the old pen and paper activities. Through this legislation the data coming from teacher or student tablets - which naturally linked to the internet - will not be collected and used for any purposes by any company.

The officials at the White House say that they do not expect any opposition from industry and the support will come from bipartisan. However the bills have to pass both House and Senate which are now mostly Republican. Another issue is that that in certain states this law is very good and people fear the standard one may be less effective.