With the many tragedies of schools shootings and other public places, thousands have lost their lives due to gun violence. In an effort to curb this gun violence, the United States President Barrack Obama has passed a new law stating that there will be thorough background verification for all who want to sell and buy guns from now on.

Many critics have argued that this may not stop criminals from buying and accessing guns. If criminals want them, they could very well buy guns illegally.

President Obama totally rejects this idea. He counters the argument by saying that even though we cannot stop all the violence happening in the country, this amendment is meant to stop one evil act a time.

The background check is meant for online sales and sales that take place during gun shows and exhibitions. Moreover, the background check is for unveiling mental health issues of all gun users, those in the police force and those in the firearm business.

President Obama stresses the fact that this law is not going to prevent people from owning guns; it is only meant to curb violence and control the illegal sales through sellers. Critics have also commented that the President is penalizing the wholesalers and people who make their living selling firearms instead of focusing on the criminals.

The next Presidential candidate and also a front runner in the next elections, Hilary Clinton supports President Obama’s amendments and has commented that it would certainly be continued if she gets elected as President in the next election.