When it comes to religion everyone has the right to choose which religion suites them the most. In the past couple of years there have been several religions in the world that have been documented, that said this religions also tend to come with different ideologies and as a result it not advised that one should sit down and start criticizing them.

With that in mind there are also other groups which are increasingly turning up in Arab countries in particular that claim to be fighting in the name of Allah. Regardless of how you view it many of these groups are usually not formed under the religion that they claim to represent but under ceratin goals which can be traced to politics.

For instance, ISIS, as at now ISIS has been terrorizing residents in both Iraq and Syria in the name Allah. Personally I have friends who are Muslims and I can tell upfront that there is nowhere in the Quran which urges its members to wage a war against people. In addition to that I would go and say apart from those who have had their ideologies turned, Muslims are actually good people in general.

How and when such groups will be defeated is still yet to be known especially now that they have managed to convince numerous Muslim teens to join them in their fight. This move has seen a number of attacks being launched in different parts of the country by regular people. In addition to that some are actually making their way to either Syria or Iraq so as join them in their fight.