The law is designed to protect all people, so it is equally for everyone. People must obey these laws. But there are some funny and even weird laws. I don’t understand the point of laws like this, but maybe persons who made them had understood. Probably they had some important reason for making that particulate law, but it was ages ago, and now it should be removed.

For example, in Alaska you cannot get drunk and stay in a bar. So what is the point? Bars were invented for that purpose. In California we have even more strange law. It is forbidden to eat a dead frog. The real question is why would someone eat a dead frog?! Although, you can try to understand this law, if you have concern for health, there is no point of some law that isn’t going to be used. In Colorado you must have a permit if you want to modify the weather. You probably think that this is just one weird law, and that there is no purpose for it. But, modifying weather is very successful job, very new and still unknown. In Idaho is forbidden to eat other people. I know, it sounds funny, and it is. It is punishable by law, and for breaking this law, you can go in prison up to 14 years. Only if you are in life or death situation and the only way to survive is to eat human flesh, you can break this law.

After some thinking I believe laws like this are made for people with very low IQ, because they forbid some action that nobody want to do.