US EPA or the United States Environmental Protection Agency is the US federal government body that was formed to protect both the environment and people through formulation and implementation of regulations on the basis of the laws. This agency was formed in December 2, 1970, which was also the day it started its operation. US EPA was actually a proposal of President Richard Nixon.

EPA is headed by an administrator whom the president has appointed and approved by the Congress. EPA is not considered a Cabinet department but its head is basically given a cabinet rank.

At present, the EPA Administrator is Gina McCarthy and it currently has around 15,193 employees. EPA's headquarters is stationed in Washington, D.C. with regional offices in ten regions. It also runs 27 laboratories.

EPA is responsible in conducting environmental research, education, and assessment. It maintains and enforces standards set by the law.

EPA makes sure that all Americans are safe from any harm to human health and the environment. It leads the national efforts in reducing environmental risks as per information provided with scientific basis. EPA guarantees that federal laws are being implemented in the most efficient way possible. It also ensures that environmental protection is always one of the country's foremost concerns.

EPA is responsible for making information relating to human health and environment available to the members of the community. It is formed to ensure that the environmental protection being observed can be of great help in making the community and its ecosystems sustainable and productive.