The Beastie Boys have something to smile about as the judge has just ruled in their favor. 

The long running battle between popular energy drink Monster Energy and the Beastie might soon be ending as the judge who has been charged with the responsibility of overseeing that particular case ruled in favor of the Beastie Boys. According to the judge, Monster Energy I supposed to pay the Beastie Boys 668,000 that is in addition to what they were to pay. The payment of 668,000 will cover the legal fees for the Beastie Boys. 

The Beastie Boys were looking to be compensated 2.4 million dollars but once Paul Engelmayer, the U.S. District judge, reviewed the bills that were presented by the Beastie Boys he came to the conclusion that the Beastie Boys stand a chance of benefiting by at least 500,000 dollars following the decision that he made. Reports by New York Times indicate that the judge, while handing out the ruling, wrote that, “the Beasties Boys had opted to pay for as well as receive a Cadillac Escalade and not necessarily the Honda-Civic.”

Back in 2014, the Beastie had yet again success at the courtroom after a judge ruled in their favor asking Monster Energy to pay up 1.7 million dollars due to that the energy drink company had infringed a copyright of the group. In addition to that, Monster Energy was also found guilty of misleading consumers into believing that their products had been endorsed by the Beasties.