For example in Slovenia it is against the law to sell or give alcohol to minors at all. Also against the law is to sell any alcohol in stores from 9 PM  to 7 AM.

Restaurants and bars are less flexible, so you can't get a drink ( alcoholic ) till 10 AM. It is also forbidden to sell or serve alcohol to anyone who is already too drunk, and you can't serve it one hour before and after any bigger sporting event.

If you are curious to know, the most popular drink in Slovenia is beer, and they have two famous brands - Lasko and Union.

In Serbia you have to be at least 18 if you want to consume or buy any alcohol. The problem they have here is that there are a lot of young teens who are drinking on a daily basis, even though they are under 18.

Shopkeepers are the ones selling the alcohol, and in most cases they don't check their personal ID cards.

You can easily buy alcohol here, because Serbia offers so many different beverages. The most popular drinks are wine, beer ( Jelen beer ) and rakia. Rakia is fruit brandy, very popular in the Balkans, and a lot of people say that Serbians make the best Rakia.

When it comes to Malta, they are little bit more flexible, than other countries. Drinking age in Malta is 17, which is pretty unusual.

Malta offers so many amazing bars and restaurants, so you will be able to enjoy to the maximum.

Their local beer is called Cisk, and it very popular. They have a lot of other local beers such as Lacto, Blue Label Ale, Shandy and Hopleaf.