On Thursday, possession of marijuana in small amounts became legal in Columbia despite the fact that republicans who were led by the U.S. congress were in a face off with local officials.

The District of Colombia joined other states such as Alaska, Washington as well as Colorado which have made the possession of small amounts of marijuana legal. That said it still remains illegal under federal law.

"Nationwide, it (legalization) is clearly symbolic in its ability to impact other places in the United States,” said Allen St. Pierre who is the executive director of National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws NORML.

According to Pierre, the new legal framework is “depenalization” given that sale which is related to marijuana will be barred, adding that it is very impossible to unseat a market which is already thriving. According to city finance officials, the marijuana market worth $130 million on a yearly basis.

In November, voters in the state of Oregon also approved the legalization of marijuana although the law will become enforced starting July this year.

Adults in Colombia are now allowed to possess 2 ounces of marijuana, that is 56 grams and in addition to that the new law makes it possible for adults to grow six plants at home. According to the new law one cannot sell marijuana, that said one can be able to transfer up to 1 ounce, that is 26 grams.

The law also sees marijuana being barred from the city’s federal land.