Friday, June 17th marked the beginning of a conclusion to the trial of Caesar Goodson Jr., prosecuted for the murder of Freddie Gray (25). At the conclusion of testimony, the officer elected not to take the stand. The judge scheduled closing arguments for the following Monday.

This means that the trial might have a verdict around midweek.  It was Officer Edward Nero who last gave his testimony.  At around 11:30 am and after a brief testimony by Nero, who was acquitted of all charges last month, the defense decided to rest the case.

The prosecution had already rested their case on Wednesday.  They were not able to detail their allegation that the officer intentionally gave the victim a “rough ride” that caused him some serious neck injury.  Almost instantly, the defense filed a notion for acquittal.

According to the prosecution, veteran officer, and driver of a police van, was in charge of safely transporting Freddie Gray after he was arrested on April 12, 2015. They say that the officer failed to secure Gray in the back of the van with a seat belt. The van then was driven recklessly causing serious injury to the victim. The prosecutors also said that the officer failed to provide immediate medical care or take steps to limit any further harm. Freddie Gray died one week later as a consequence of a neck trauma.

Officer Goodson is one of six police officers being charged in relation to Mr. Gray´s arrest, transportation, and later death.  The case has brought about many protests and riots that open the debate of the treatment of minorities by the police force. Three of the officers are black and three are white.

The most serious is the case of Officer Goodson, who faces a second-degree depraved heart murder charge.