A civil right probe has been opened by the Justice Department into a mysterious death of Freddie Gray, who died of spinal injury after he was handcuffed and put into a police van. Police arrested Gray, 25, on April 12 after he was spotted by the police being in contact with another man known for drug involvement, and when the two started running away, said Baltimore police.

According to police, after about half an hour into the transport of Gray to the station, he became “irate,” asking for an inhaler followed by several pleas for medical help. He was then transported by ambulance to a hospital.

Hundred have stood up against this incident and marched from the site of Gray’s arrest to the Police Department just a few blocks away, bearing signs that said “Black Lives Matter” and “No Justice – No Peace”. The protest criticizes bad treatment of African Americans by the police.

Gray died on Sunday, seven days following his arrest, due to “significant spinal injury.” The police did not reveal how did the injuries occur and what happened in the van. According to the spokeswoman of the Justice Department Dena Iverson, officers are “gathering information to determine whether any prosecutable civil rights violation occurred.”

In order for civil right charges to be brought against s police officer, federal authorities have to prove that the policeman willfully deprived a person of their civil rights. It is also stated that there must be a proof of the officer using excessive force.   

Photo Attribution: Dickelbers