Rape is one of the worst crimes! Although marriage and the husband should protect women from this crime, there are many countries which don’t treat rape in marriage as a crime! According to law in six countries, India, Lebanon, Bahamas, Malta, Singapore and Lebanon, a man cannot be accused of raping his wife! The law is so cruel, that husband literally can do whatever he wants with his wife!

In India, in 94% cases of rape, women knew their attacker. The number of women who were raped by their husbands is 40% higher than women raped by a stranger! Last year, one woman in India was brutally raped by her husband! She sued him, but her accusation was rejected from the court! The law in India doesn’t protect women from rape in marriage. Only if wife is younger than age 15, husband can be accused of rape! According to the same law, women have right to ask for the punishment of their husband, but don’t have rights to sue him in court.

The same situation is in the Singapore. But, man can be charged for raping his wife if they are divorced, or live separately.
In Palestine, a man can be accused of rape, and kidnaping of his wife, but that verdict will be denied!

In Malta, if a man kidnap a woman and rape her, but after that he marry her, he won’t be punished. The same law is in Lebanon. The only difference is, if marriage is ended by divorce, 3 years after marrying, man can be punished.

In the Bahamas, man can rape his wife but he cannot be punished! The only situation when a man can be accused of rape, is when he and a victim are not in a marriage.