When you hear about criminals, you expect them to be strangers. However, sometimes the criminals are just the ones we love the most, and this was the case of a little girl, Phoebe, who was killed by her father. She was just five years old when this happened, and although they seems to have a perfect relationship, things were quite different in reality.

John Nicholas loved his daughter, or at least this is what people say about him. The sad reality is that he suffered from various mental diseases and he was using drugs. One night, he threw his daughter off a bridge and a policeman saw the entire scene. By the time little Phoebe was found, she was already dead. However, it was easy to catch John Nicholas.

Although Nicholas was to be tried for first degree murder, he was declared unfit for trial based on his medical history and his drug abuse. There is a good chance that he will only spend a few years in hospital. The people in the area are not happy about this and they are all pressuring the authorities for justice in this case.

Nicholas is now in a hospital and, according to his lawyer, he is not improving. He is refusing to take his medication and this makes him more unstable. He is not eating and he does not want to have any visitors, and this might also affect his mental state more.