For many oppressed investors mediation is a very reasonable option. Meditation attorneys can keep different issues away from the news and can save the money and time of both sides. An unbiased mediator can help in sorting out and resolving the issues outside court. After hearing from both sides the mediator comes to a settlement which can be agreed upon by both sides. During these types of meetings, either side can appoint a lawyer for their representation or they can choose to represent themselves. The mediator has no legal authority whatsoever to force any party to agree to a settlement or to make a conclusive decision.

Compared to a usual court hearing mediation is less quarrelsome. With the help of this process both parties can resolve different matters in a more casual setting without having to stand before a jury or a judge. But the process of mediation is not for everyone. In many cases, the parties are either too angry or they are too far apart to listen to any type of reason. But mediation can be a preferable option if both parties decide to come to an agreement. Without the help of an experienced lawyer, mediation is not considered a good option.

Even though mediation can be a peaceful option but it can also become very complex in the case of securities. An experienced mediation attorney can you choose the best course of action and can also give professional advice as to whether you should accept the settlement or not.