Abortion has never been a favorite subject to anyone, because some people still see it as a taboo and women all around the world are constantly judged because of it.
When it comes to Texas there are some restrictions that violate women’s constitutional rights and potentially jeopardize their health.
Things have changed little bit for women, because now they cannot get medication abortion until doctors figure out 100 percent that it is good for them and think about the next step.
They can perform a surgical abortion for women who still need to end their pregnancy. Still it is not enough, because it seems like women who live in Texas don’t have the highest quality when it comes to health care.
That is something that every woman should have no matter where or how she lives. Women who want to have an abortion have to visit the abortion facility at least two times. If you wonder why is that, well it’s because they don’t want to put women in any danger.
They think that every woman should have one ultrasound at least twenty-four hours before she has an abortion.
It’s a positive thing that Law wants to take care of women, but studies have shown that there is no reason for woman to have an ultrasound 24 hours before an abortion.
When it comes to teens, they need parental approval. It can be either one parent or someone who is a legal guardian. This goes for teens who are under the age of 18.