The environmental politics is reaching at its peak across the world. Legal experts are trying hard to create simple, effective and inclusive conservation laws. The governments world over are being questioned about shallow environmental policies. Some citizens have gone one step ahead and sue their government for being careless. This makes us question that is failure to protect environment is illegal? 

The Netherland court told about the legality of this issue. The court said that government is obligated to intensify its efforts to fight the climate change. According to the data, Netherlands is expected to decrease greenhouse gas emissions around 17 percent by 2020. The new court order told government to increase its target till 25 percent. 

Client Earth’s James Thornton informed that it is historic judgment which is forcing government to do what is right. He works at the environmental law firm.  There is a possibility that the government can appeal against the decision. But if court again rules the similar decision then Dutch government has to come with a concrete plan to reduce the emissions. 
Thornton informed that many such suits might be filed in a future. The Client Earth is already preparing for similar cases in the United Kingdom and other European countries. Future generations need to be protected from environmental disaster. Though each country has different legal structure, there are many ways to protect citizens from potential harms. 

Recently around 400 people from Kivalina, a village in Alaska sued oil companies from displacement. The residents asked compensation for moving to higher altitude. The court didn’t rule in the favor of citizens saying that one single country or corporation is not responsible of the climate change. But experts point out that such kind of compensation demanding laws suits can succeed if argued in proper manner.