Drug and alcohol assessments can prove to very stressful, irrespective to the varying circumstances. However, you should not panic if the judge asks you to take part in one as there are certain steps that you can follow to fight your fear of drug and alcohol assessments.

Firstly, it is very crucial that you remember that there is a great difference between screening and assessment. A screening is done to decide whether you need an assessment or not. An assessment on the other hand is required to diagnose the problem which results in the counselor designing a treatment plan for you. Many of the alcohol and drug assessments start by the reviewing of the documentation and the paperwork which has been provided by your attorney. These different documents may consist of your criminal and driving record, documentation from your workplace and your arrest report. Once your documents have been reviewed, you will then be asked a series of simple questions related to your personal history and the history of your family. These questions can be both written or in oral form. The way you answer these questions will help the counselor decide the course of your treatment.

Based on the result of the assessment, a treatment plan will be suggested to you by the counselor which can range from a couple of classes to a year in a treatment program. It is likely that you may not find these plans encouraging, so it is crucial that you stay proactive regarding your treatment.