Whenever we have grievances, we go to the court of law. We trust the court to solve our issues and disputes in an unbiased way. The reason we follow laws is because they are binding for every citizen equally. It doesn’t help to be rich, if you commit a crime, you’re at fault no matter what.

  • American Courts are divided into the following categories.


- Trial courts

o All cases start here

- Appellate courts

o All appeals are first heard in these courts.

- Supreme Courts

o If you aren’t satisfied with the judgment served in any of the lower courts, you can appeal in these courts as a last resort. They have the final authority in any of the cases that they hear.

This division is seen in the federal as well as the state courts. In any state, both the state and federal courts exist. The bulk of all cases such as divorces, wills, public offense etc. are heard in state courts as these offenses come under the state laws.


  • Judges


A judge is an unbiased third party observer with immense power. He gives both sides an equal chance to present their case and ensures that the proceedings are conducted in an honest and fair manner.



  • Jury


People who represent a cross section of the community form a jury. They listen to both the sides presenting their case and look at the evidence. The jury decides if the accused party is ‘guilty’ or ‘not guilty’. Once the jury finds the defendant ‘guilty’ or ‘liable’, the judge serves the sentence.