Last year at the end of August, a warrant for Saren Azer was issued by Canadian authorities with a charge of kidnapping. He failed to return his four children to his ex-wife’s home after a trip to Germany. Saren Azer and Alison Azer separated four years ago.  At the time, he was legally allowed to take their children on a trip to Europe. The sons, Meitan, 3, and Dersim, 7, and the daughters Rojevahn, 9, and Sharvahn, 11, were supposed to be reunited with their mother no later than August 21, 2015.

Interpol also issued a warrant for Azer, on behalf of the RCMP. As of today, Saren Azer is considered a fugitive.

Saren Azer, has decided to go public by showing himself with his four children on Facebook and publishing a video of their new life in Iran. The video shows a narration by a woman and portrays the four kids in a playground in what appears to be Mahabad, a Kurdish city in Northwestern Iran where he is known to have a large family. Saren Azer took the children to live there with him and has been charged with abduction as he is acting against the law. It is suspected that he, in fact, has them in Iraq.

Cpl. Janelle Shoihet, RCMP E Division spokeswoman made no comments other than that the investigation is ongoing. "The Azer file is active and ongoing and it continues to be a priority investigation," said Shoihet. "All efforts are being made to bring the children home and we continue to work with our partners domestically and internationally in order to ensure the family is reunited."

Alison Azer thinks that the Facebook post is a tactical move aiming to distract and confuse family members in Canada.