The governor of California has put together a committee regarding the legalization of marijuana for recreational use only. The committee came back to the governor with startling statistics. If they were to put this law into effect, within twenty-four months every high school in California will have their very own counseling center. This center will be primarily used to help teens get off drugs. However, counselors will be available for many more reasons, too. 

This committee has talked with school administrators, parents, and even students, and they all think it is a good idea. This will help teens get off drugs and bring down the suicide rate, too. 

There is one problem this law is facing, and that is a group of people against the legalization for recreational purposes. This group of people believes all this will do is give teenagers easy access to the marijuana. On top of that, most teens in California are already smoking marijuana. 

The governor does not believe this is going to be an easy fight. There are going to be two sides to this law that are going to battle it out to the end. The committee is going to continue to do more studies, and they are going to try and persuade the other group to join their side. One thing is for sure, and that is that no resolution will be reached for a long time. This is going to put lawmakers back to work, and this is going to keep California in a financial deficit of over five-hundred million dollars.