It is very common for people to tamper with the odometers of rental cars for the purpose of providing an incorrect reading of the mileage. This technique is also employed by people to sell their old vehicles at a high price. Even the introduction of high quality digital odometers has failed to prevent this scam. In fact experts believe that digital odometers are easier to manipulate compared to the analog odometers. So odometer fraud is without a doubt one of the most common scams in the automobile industry.

There are certain car manufacturers which have set up special odometers that can show asterisk signs if the mileage of the car is effectively altered. On average a car runs around 12000 miles every year so if you happen to be buying a car that has been used for nearly four years and has run only thirty thousand miles then you should know that the odometer of that car has been tampered with at some point. A great way to avoid odometer fraud is by asking for the original title of the car. You need to inspect the total mileage number of the title and determine if there is any tampering issue or smudging problem. The title of the car should be able to display the mileage of the car on a clean white background.

Another great tip is to check for any loose screws on the dashboard of the car because if it has not been assembled properly then it is safe to assume that the device has been manipulated at some point.