The police are still on the hunt for a registered sex offender suspected of killing his ex-girlfriend and her son. Officers raided a home in Missouri where he was allegedly keeping the woman but failed to find him as of yet. The bodies of 46-year-old Sandra Kay Sutton and her 17-year-old son Zachary Wade Sutton were uncovered on Thursday morning in Clinton. The bodies were found in a relative's home and the police suspect that the mother and the son were shot the night before. 

James Barton Horn Jr. has been on the run for three weeks now, ever since he has been charged for kidnapping Sutton and her son. It is suspected that the woman was kept in a wooden box for four months off-and-on. The police said that Horn is a prime suspect in the killings. His home in Sedalia has been cordoned off, while two neighboring houses were cleared. The police was appealing to the suspect to come outside for several hours, and when a robot was sent inside to inspect the premises Horn was not found.

According to the police, Horn is an “extremely dangerous, violent person” and those providing him with a hiding place could face charges if the police prove they knew about his kidnapping charges.   

Sutton said previously to the police that Horn started building a wooden structure at home after an argument with her, and placed her inside. She was only allowed to exit the box in the evenings. The box was placed in the bedroom. 

Photo attribution: Bluedisk