An attorney should be able to ensure confident legal representation and that he will do his best for you. As there are so many law firms available today therefore it is important to know about the qualities that a law firm should possess.

Effective leadership is the first necessary quality because a good leader not only has a great vision for the direction of the firm but also has a desire to serve his clients to the best of his abilities. The second quality is compassion for the clients. A good law firm always has qualified attorneys that tend to the concerns of the clients and put themselves in the shoes of their clients. Some of the attorneys see their clients only as a source of their fee or a chance to win a huge settlement. But attorneys of good law firms put their clients before themselves and act in the best interest of their clients. The third quality is specialization in a particular area of law and be aware of all the changes in the already complex laws and using their knowledge in that particular area of the law to create the best strategy for their clients and be a great asset for them. 

To avoid any sort of complications in the future a good law firm always has a clearly defined fee system. They put the method of billing in writing and explain it to the clients in advance. The disputes in billing only arise because of lack of understanding and fee system not defined clearly.