Sam Brownback – a Republican - won his second term as Kansas governor in November 2014 even though he and his politics are not well regarded even by fellow Republicans. The plan he started in 2010 during his first term is to lower taxes and make up for that by turning Kansas into proof that economic development can make up for low taxes.

However it seems that governor Brownback is in a bit of a pickle: his campaign is being investigated by the FBI. More specifically the U. S. wants to know more about the loans being made in 2013 and 2104 to the governor’s campaign. Brownback is also being heavily criticized by Democrats – from which he took the state over – for having a good relation billionaires David and Charles Koch of Koch Industries who have contributed to Brownback’s campaign.

However this is a common practice and Eileen Hawley – Brownback’s spokesperson – stated that Sam Brownback’s campaign followed all ethic regulations and laws as required by the Kansas state. Follows by saying that this investigation has no purpose or merit and may be just a witch-hunt.

In the same time the spokesperson for the U. S. attorney’s office has not confirmed or denied that such an investigation is going on.

Even though this may be just another witch hunt it is probably worth keeping an eye on the development of the issue and on governor Brownback’s career so see if indeed he can deliver what was promised in his campaign.