How many times you think that your parents must take care of you. Or if you are a parent, how many times you think you have right to do anything you want with your child. Well, there are legal rights that control this.

These rights depend of a country. In most states a child can have two parents, and if it is adopted, biological parents don’t have any rights. In Alaska and Nebraska, the stepparent is also considered as a parent. Parents have rights to choose the name of their child, to spend time with the child and a few more rights during the period when the child is a minor. They have to make decisions about: religion, education, legal matters and residence. The special rights involve medical and dentist care for the child. Parents have right to inherit from the child, if there are two parents, they share these rights. There are more duties for parents. They must provide food, clothes, home and they are responsible for the discipline of their child. Many countries require that parents provide financially support to their children through high school, but there are some countries which request this through college.

In the normal circumstances court doesn’t have right to get involved in the family life. It can involve only if something is wrong with the marriage, for example divorce. Then, if the custody over child cannot be agreed between parents, the court must choose one of the parents as a legal guardian. The second reason why the court can be involved in family life is abuse of a child. The court has a right to take the child from parents and punish them.