The presences of extremists are becoming more common in these days. It is started from the Middle East country which is in Syria. The emergence causes harm to countries all around the world. Attorney General Eric Holder, who attended European Union Ministers meetings, said that US offered assistance to North Africa, Balkan and Middle East countries in fighting against these extremists legally.

The aim is to prosecute perpetrators who recently returned from Syria. United States assure these countries that they have a right law in making the allegation to the perpetrator. This method has long been applied in the United States, where a person who provides or gives supports to terrorist organization will be prosecuted according to national legislation by federal prosecutors in the United States.

According to Holder, they give a help to these countries, according to the aim mention above. This is one of the good ideas where they can reduce the number of extremists from widespread all around the world, instead of using violence towards the extremists.

Justice Department lawyers have been executed and placed in more than 12 countries all around the North Africa, Balkan and Middle East countries help in making a legal proposal related to terror prosecutions. Justice Department officials of the United States also have been discussed with the European Union about their efforts in helping these countries.

According to Western officials, they became worried due to the dramatically increasing of extremists in Europe and afraid the residents that have come back from Syria will influence the other residents in Europe countries. However, Unites States will struggle in helping these counties even though it is taking a long time to complete.