If within a specific period of time, you are not able to pay the loan of your car then it is quite possible that your lender will take your car back depending on the terms that have been agreed upon purchase. If a car is bought on credit then it is very important to consider whether the lender has kept a clause relating to the right to take back the car if the loan is not paid within a specific period time. While signing an agreement it is very important to check if an independent section is added which points out the specifics relating to the date and the procedures of taking back the car.

Unfair repossession of the car occurs when the agreement with the purchaser of the car is broken by the lender. This can happen in several different ways. For example, if you fail to make a complete payment or if a partial payment is accepted by the lender then these circumstances indicate that there was a small adjustment in the agreement.

If your vehicle is repossessed in an unfair manner then you need to write a demand letter as early as you can. In majority of the cases, you have to send the demand letter before filing the lawsuit. Your next step should be to ask for a specific sum of money that the lender has to pay you in order to sustain the damage that you have suffered because of the unfair repossession of your vehicle.