When it comes to wrongful death claims the main question that many people have always been asking is who exactly is in a position of filling it. Many families usually find themselves in situations whereby they lost their loved ones and they don’t necessarily know what to do. For instance, many families that happen to lose a family member in circumstance that are unavoidable most of the time find themselves with the burden of money. There are usually lots of money that are used when a loved one is dead and this cost can, at many occasions, leads to families being financially unstable. To well counter this one can file for a wrongful death claim and help protect their family as they go through this difficult time. 

One of the toughest thing that many families usually face is determining who exactly counts as a beneficiary. In an event that a loved one dies, many families usually struggle to pinpoint the person who is eligible to file the claim of wrongful death. As a result many of them tend to neglect the whole thing. If the family member who died is below 18-years then a legal guardian or the deceased’s parents can file the claim. In an event that the parents of the victim are no longer alive, then a sibling to the deceased can be ale to launch the file. Another scenario that has been seen, is in an event that the diseased is married. In this case the spouse who has been left will be the one who is supposed to file the claim. The siblings of the two can also file for wrongful death claim.