There are few natural disasters quite as terrifying as a tornado. Unfortunately, they are a common occurrence in America, causing huge amounts of property destruction along with human deaths and injuries. The latest incident happened recently in Louisiana and affected other neighboring states as well.


On February 23rd, multiple tornadoes hit the state; it was estimated that at least seven separate tornados were involved. Homes were destroyed, and others lost power due to downed lines. Some of the worst damage occurred at the Sugar Hill RV Park, where two people were killed by the destruction and an additional seven were severely injured.

Those in the RV Park who survived described a horrifying experience when the tornado rolled in. People were tossed against the walls in their homes. Protecting children who were the most vulnerable were everyone’s concern. In total, 150 homes were destroyed in the disaster. Officials are still searching the rubble to find survivors that might still be trapped.

Unfortunately, these tornadoes were not isolated to only Louisiana. Nine homes were destroyed in Mississippi as well, and a tornado was reported in Florida causing injuries and damage to property. Georgia, Florida, and Arkansas are also expected to experience extreme weather conditions.

Responding swiftly, the Governors of Louisiana and Mississippi declared a state of emergency. Fortunately, their warnings and actions helped move citizens away from some of the most dangerous areas, averting another deadly incident. With the worst over, healing and rebuilding will be the focus of these states in the coming months.