Two parents, Ben and Alyssa Riedhead, prepared to bury their soon to be born child. Tests during the Riedhead’s first pregnancy revealed the crushing knowledge that the baby had been diagnosed with encephalocele, a deficiency in the skull where it doesn’t fully develop. Ben and Alyssa had expected that their new baby would be dead soon after birth. To the shock of all, and especially the Riedheads, their new baby William fought through the stacked odds and was delivered this week. William Adroaldo Riedhead was born weighing a healthy 6 lbs. 12 oz. via C-section.

William is missing the back section of his skull due to the disorder, an effect that will most likely leave him in need of special education, and be prone to seizures. But William has defied astounding odds to be alive. A case of cutis aplasia also became apparent in baby William, but this has not stopped his progress. Later in May, at the Utah University Hospital and Primary Children’s Hospital, William underwent plastic and neurosurgery to protect his brain.

The Riedhead’s were not expecting to be able to bring home a live baby; they were making arrangements for a funeral instead. As a result they did not buy baby clothing, crib, car seat, or anything a baby would need. Both parents are University students living very frugally.  A crowdfunding event has been posted on Facebook in order to supply the couple with funds to support their baby boy and help with his medical expenses.