Jeb Bush is just one of the many Republicans who are on the 2016 White House Race. That said, Jeb Bush has been able to impress many when it comes to fund raising as he has been able to obtain the financial backing of big donors and as a result that has positioned him in a great position as the Republican’s frontrunner come next year. 

Despite the top donors that he has managed to bring on boar, a new report that was released on Wednesday indicated that Jeb Bush is having a hard time convincing small donors to join his camp. This is a concern for Jeb Bush, a former governor Florida, especially with his intentions of building support in broad-based grassroots.  

Bush might be new t the whole Presidency thing but his name on the other hand isn’t. Bush is the brother and son to former U.S. Presidents and he is hoping that this particular fact will work on his favor as we approach the big day. As at now, 

According to reports, the 2016 Presidential Candidate has managed to raise a total of 11.4 U.S. Million dollars in a period of two weeks, that is from mid June when he launched his campaign, to the end of June. The report also points out the fact that barely 3% of those who have donated gave out 200 dollars or less. At least82 percent of donors who are backing Jeb Bush gave out donations/contributions that are more than 2,700 U.S. dollars.