Aggressive squirrel is being held by German police following a complaint by woman accusing tiny animal for following her. A young woman living in North Rhine Westphalia had to contact police for this unusual emergency situation. The squirrel has been chasing her around the city in West Germany. After all failed attempts to shake the animal away, she had no other option but to call police. The psychological analysis of the rodent shows that the animal has been suffering from exhaustion. Police told the press that squirrel has been arrested.  The police department has also published the squirrel video on social media which shows an office feeding honey to animal.
The Facebook exploded with more than 12,000 views to video within short amount of time. Once the squirrel recovers, it will be transported to rescue center by NRW police. Recently there have been many incidents of strange behavior by squirrels. Michigan police were working on theft of 28,000 pounds nuts by squirrel last month. But for the first time official complaint has been filed against the animal. The investigation in the United State was being carried out on lighter note. Many animal psychologists are pointing out at various factors which may have force the squirrel for this behavior.
Lack of proper sleep, destruction of habitat and food shortages can alter the behaviors of animals. The rising global temperatures also force animal to migrate to uncharted territory, which may cause panic situation. Thankfully there have been no physical injuries on both sides. People many times get irritated with such habits and harm animals.