Cruise missile denfese system will be installed in the US military bases soon. The tests are going at the full pace. Standard Missile- 6 was fired at supersonic speed recently in one test conducted by U.S. Navy to destroyed the over-the-horizon target. New Mexico based White Sands Missile Range fired this next generation missile.  
Naval Intergrated Fire Control is being designed by the Navy to counter agression from Air. It is being called as NIFC-CA.  The critical technology contains SM-6 missiles.  The SM-6 missile, an airborne relay sensor and ship-based radar technology  is being used by NIFC-CA to locate and demolish any threat to the ship. Behind the horizon unmanned aerial vehicle targets are also detected.
Traditional ship defense systems have several limitations. The distance to survey is limited to the horizon. The application of airborne sensors has widen the search area. Interception and destruction of antiship cruise missile will be easier now.  Anti-ship cruise missiles launched from the land can be also detected via NIFC-CA.
This means now US ships can get closer to the enemy shore now. The operational area of the ship would be increased if the system is fully implemented.  Hawkeye aircraft was used as airborne relay node but officials didn’t confirm about the used sensor. The researchers are exploring F-35 as another option to be used as airborne sensor.
Critical denfense system in the time of immediate threat will be created through the use of SM-6, said program executive officer Captain Michael Ladner from intergrated Weapons System.